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Cat's Pajamas
Guitar/Vocal, Bass/Vocal Duo/Trio/Quartet

(drummer and other talent added as needed)

The Cat's Pajamas plays swing, pop, Bossa Nova, Samba, and other snazzy music. Friends for over forty years, main members Jeff and Greg have performed together many times as a guitar duo. Sharing a love of music and an innate sense of musicianship, they formed this group out of a desire to perform together after a lapse of ten years. These cats will shake up the local music scene with style and pizzazz! Check out the website at!

Contact Info

Jeff "Jazz Cat" Anvinson G. S. "Nine Lives" Jeffrey

Jeff "Jazz Cat" Anvinson
701.215.8095 (voice or text)

G. S. "Catnip" Jeffrey

Cat's Pajamas, Fargo/Grand Forks Forks Classy Live Music Band

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