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Jeff Anvinson and Jeffrey Moore
Guitar/Vocal and Percussion Duo

A guitar/vocals/percussion duo comprised of Jeff Anvinson and Jeff Moore, we play a variety of music including jazz (our staple), pop, blues, and more. Jeffrey Moore is a professional musician that I (Jeff Anvinson) hope to perform with many more times in the future. He is the best Latin jazz percussionist I've ever performed with (and I've been lucky to play with some of the best percussionists in the area).

I met Jeff M while playing a gig at the University of Minnesota Crookston, last year. Our specialty is jazz but we play other styles too. I'm working on getting a live recording streaming on this site, but I've got to work out some licensing issues. For now, I hope you'll be happy looking at our pictures and imagining what we sound like. Think instrumental and vocal jazz that might compel you to dance! Can you say "Bossa Nova"!?

Jeff Anvinson, guitarist/vocalist

Jeff Anvinson has over thirty-five years of very broad experience in the music field, including performing, arranging, composing, conducting, teaching, music criticism, and more. He performs regularly with the Cat's Pajamas. He has performed hundreds of times in the US, China, and Canada in a wide variety of settings, including solo and chamber music, as a soloist with orchestras, wind ensembles, and choirs, and with other music groups that perform a wide variety of styles. His recordings and videos are available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and elsewhere. Highlights from his career include performing with a violin/guitar duo in Shanghai, Nanchang, New York City, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis, and as a member of a jazz group invited to perform at the Minot Integrity Jazz Festival. He studied at three universities, earning two degrees in music, and has taught at universities, public schools, community education programs, music stores, private practice, and online.

Jeffrey D. Moore, percussionist

Jeffrey Moore has been playing drums for over thirty-five years. His musical influences include R&B, Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Latin. He is known for his groove and time keeping. He prides himself on being a versatile drummer. For the past few years he has performed with polka bands, small combo groups, and two big bands. His teaching includes a brief tenure as an adjunct Drum Set instructor at a local college as well as private lessons. He is a native of New York and has been exposed to music all his life. He studied basic music theory in school, yet he is mainly self-taught on the drum set. Jeff felt he was called to play the drums. His parent's remember him as a "rythmical baby", gravitating toward the beat in music and tapping along to the radio. He took up Jazz studies at SUNY Stony Brook, Long Island, and thereafter joined a local quartet for live sessions. He quickly became in demand as word of his playing spread. He is available for live sessions and studio work. You can contact him here:

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